April is Distracted Driver Awareness Month

Everyone has had the experience of being distracted while driving. Whether you were changing the radio station, answering an important cell phone call, or trying to comfort a fussy child in the back seat, there have been times that you have multitasked from behind the steering wheel. However, taking your eyes off the road for even a second could cause an accident resulting in injury, or death.

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FAQ: Grounds for Divorce in SC

“What are the grounds for divorce in the state of South Carolina?” This is one of the most common questions we receive from clients who are pursuing divorce. We’ve taken the time to outline South Carolina’s laws regarding divorce.

South Carolina offers two grounds upon which divorce can be filed-- no-fault and at-fault. The complaint for divorce must clearly state which type of divorce is being sought. This means that the parties must either agree on the type of divorce or one party must prove fault against the other.

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Four Steps to Take After An Auto Accident

When you’re in an auto accident and your emotions are running high, it can be difficult to remember the proper procedures to follow to effectively resolve the accident.

Below are some short, easy-to-remember tips that will help guide you through the process of resolving an accident:

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Welcome to Our New Site

Thank you for taking the time to check out the new Barth, Ballenger, and Lewis, LLP website. We're excited to unveil the new site's design. With our new site comes a news/blog section which we'll be frequently updating with firm news and helpful legal articles.

As a reminder, Barth, Ballenger, and Lewis, LLP is here to help you with all of your legal needs in the areas of personal injury, family law, and criminal defense matters, including:

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