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The process for pursuing compensation after suffering an injury at work requires more than filling out a form and collecting a check. Workers' compensation claims are far too complex to handle without the help of an experienced lawyer. At Barth, Ballenger & Lewis, L.L.P., we even the odds that hardworking South Carolina employees face in pursuing the benefits they deserve.

Attorneys With Experience at Your Side

Negligence is generally not an issue in a workplace accident claim. If you suffer an injury while performing your job duties, you are entitled to compensation. Your employer and its workers' compensation insurance provider are not on your side. At Barth, Ballenger & Lewis, L.L.P., our Florence and Greater Pee Dee area work injury attorneys look out for your best interests and maximize your compensation.

Focused on Fighting for the Rights of Injured Workers and Their Families

We do not represent employers and insurance companies. We focus on pursuing justice on behalf of our clients suffering work-related injuries that have interrupted or ended a career. Families of primary wage earners face an uncertain future when their breadwinner is hurt on the job or dies in a tragic accident.

Call us today at 843-662-6301 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Florence and Marion workers' compensation attorney. Our law firm is located across the street from the Florence County Complex and two blocks from the federal courthouse.