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Criminal Defense

State and Federal Felony Offenses

Barth, Ballenger & Lewis, L.L.P., is staffed by attorneys with vast experience at trial. They pride themselves on their skills and willingness to try a case when it can provide the best outcome for their clients. They have pursued the best outcome not just through plea bargaining, but through courtroom litigation.

Extensive Experience and Unique Insight in Defending Our Clients

Our legal team has appeared before virtually all state and federal courts in South Carolina. Our attorneys understand how state and federal felony cases are handled by prosecutors. They are well aware of the tactics some law enforcement officers employ and how those steps can sometimes violate the rights of their clients.

At Barth, Ballenger & Lewis, L.L.P., we have two attorneys who are former law clerks for a United States Federal District Court Judge, and two who are former law clerks for State Circuit Court Judges. Our firm has attorneys who have defended clients facing drug charges, serious traffic violations, armed robbery and murder. We have attorneys that are experienced in death penalty cases as well.

Convictions for state and federal felonies are severe and life changing. A felony on your record could prevent you from pursuing a college degree or career. Applications for professional licenses may be rejected. Retaining a Florence and Greater Pee Dee area felony lawyer who will not hesitate to try a case in court could be your best chance at minimizing the consequences you face.

Call us today at 843-662-6301 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Florence and Greater Pee Dee area murder defense lawyer. Our law firm is located across the street from the Florence County Complex and two blocks from the federal courthouse.