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Division of marital assets is complicated and often leads to disputes between divorcing spouses. Disputes over what is separate and what is marital property can turn a peaceful divorce into a war. The process is complex and contentious, requiring the help of an experienced attorney who is compassionate, aggressive and family-oriented.

Experience Helping South Carolina Residents

At Barth, Ballenger & Lewis, L.L.P., our legal team has a wealth of experience in representing South Carolina residents facing complicated legal matters. In cases involving divorce and property division, we know that clients are not making decisions in the best frame of mind. Our job is to help them through a sometimes lengthy and always emotional process while focusing on a satisfactory outcome.

Helping You Make Good Decisions During Difficult Times

Divorce brings uncertainty and you must secure the assets you are entitled to help stabilize your financial future. With the help of forensic accountants and other financial experts, our Florence and Greater Pee Dee area property division lawyers try to identify what property is separate, what assets are marital, and what monies were once one spouse's, but are now co-mingled.

Regardless of the value of the assets, disputes may arise. From household items to a million-dollar business, we strive for a fair division, including identifying any assets or property that may be hidden.

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