Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Fight Your Ticket

When it comes to fighting a traffic ticket, hiring an experienced lawyer can save you time and money in the long run. While you may not see the benefit in retaining a traffic lawyer for smaller infractions, certain violations can have serious and far reaching consequences, increasing the necessity for professional legal counsel.

Traffic Violation Consequences

If found guilty for driving violations, you could experience:

  • Large fines and costs
  • Loss of driving record points
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Loss of employment
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Mandatory driver training
  • Time in court.

Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

By hiring a lawyer to defend you in court, you are more likely to successfully get your charges dropped or reduced. Dismissal of charges will preserve your points and driving privileges, and save you a lot of money in fines, fees, and increased insurance rates. In careers where maintaining a clean driving record is necessary for employment, dropped or reduced charges can help you keep your job. Often, you can have your lawyer represent you in court, saving you from lost time and wages due to missing work.


By accepting tickets for traffic violations, you run the risk of heavy expenses, suspension of driving privileges, loss of time, and more. Avoid the headache of traffic violations by hiring the legal professionals at Barth, Ballenger and Lewis. We will work to get you the best possible outcome on your case. Call today to schedule your consultation.