New Law Bans Ticket Quotas for Law Enforcement in SC


The South Carolina bill which bans law enforcement agencies from mandating ticket quotas for officers was signed into law on June 9 by Governor Nikki Haley. The law is said to be a step towards repairing strained relationships between law enforcement and communities throughout the state.

Democratic Representative, Justin Bamberg who sponsored the bill believes that ticket quotas encourage officers to stop motorists for minor violations. Rather than using tickets as a measure of productivity, officers will be assessed based on “points of contact,” or their interaction with members of the community and involvement in public initiatives.

Police misconduct has been a divisive topic which has played out in the national media over the last two years, helping to further polarize members of the community nationwide and locally. It is believed that the new measure will work towards helping to restore the perception of police officers serving and protecting citizens of South Carolina rather than harassing them for minor offenses.

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