How A DUI Affects Your Employment In SC

If you’re caught Driving Under the Influence in the state of South Carolina, there are severe ramifications. Aside from the guilt and shame of being caught for a DUI, you could face a range of strict punitive measures including:

  • A fine of up to $2,250.00 for a first offense or up to 30 days in jail.
  • Suspension of your license for 6 months.
  • Required enrollment in the Alcohol Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP) in order restore your driving privileges.
  • Required SR-22 insurance coverage in order to operate a motor vehicle.

There’s also a wide range of consequences related to your job, career, and employment. Here we’ll take a look at some of the potential outcomes on your professional life after a DUI conviction.

Do You Have to Tell Your Employer About Your DUI Conviction?

Check your employee handbook (if you have one) since all entities are unique. However, most organizations clearly state that the employer must be notified of any arrests or convictions. Even if it does not explicitly state this policy, or if there is no policy, it’s a good idea to be honest with your employer. If they find out about the conviction and you haven’t told them, they are far less likely to be lenient with you moving forward. 

Could You Lose Your Job?

This depends on the severity of the sentence, the nature of your job, and your relationship with your employer. It’s extremely unlikely that your employer will be able to keep you on if your license is suspended, especially if your job requires driving or you cannot arrive to work because you cannot drive.

However, by completing South Carolina’s Alcohol Drug and Safety Action Program (ADSAP) and agreeing to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) for the remainder of the suspension period, you can clear the suspension. The IID is a tool that requires completing a breathalyzer before starting your car. This may win you some leniency with your employer. 

It’s worth noting that your conviction will have a significant impact on the cost to your employer because the insurance on you and your company vehicle will increase; the company may simply decide that it’s cheaper to let you go and hire someone else.

Could It Influence Job Interviews?

There’s a high probability that it can affect your job interviews. If you lost your job as a result of a DUI, or you fear that your prospective employer may know about your conviction, this is bound to affect your mindset going into an interview.

Remember that a DUI conviction in SC remains on your criminal history record forever, so you won’t be able to wait it out. The only solution is to be upfront and honest about it with prospective employers. 

Could It Limit Your Career Prospects?

This depends on the nature of the DUI and the severity of the sentencing. If you work in a field that requires a license, like teaching, nursing, or law, it’s possible that your license may be revoked by the state entities governing these fields. You may also be required to participate in a substance abuse treatment program by your employer.

Why the Right Legal Protection Matters

Many of the career consequences of a DUI can depend on the severity of the sentencing. At Barth, Ballenger & Lewis, our attorneys are experienced in defending those with DUI convictions and helping them receive fair results. Our representation allows them to remain productive and employable citizens.

The right legal representation matters, so make sure that you get the best! Contact Barth, Ballenger & Lewis here to further discuss legal representation.