Don’t Navigate SC Personal Injury Laws on Your Own

These days, it’s tough to know if you can trust a person with whom you’ve shared a car accident. Unfortunately, far too many people see a minor fender-bender as an opportunity to cash in. They claim to be okay at the scene of the accident, and then walk away, only to have their insurance company come after you for “personal injury damages” later on.

Worse, what if you have been severely injured in a car crash and are having a difficult time being fairly compensated for your injuries?

What if the driver was under the influence?

What if you are being blamed when you were not at fault at all?

Having an experienced Florence, SC personal injury attorney on your side can help.

Getting Help from Florence Car Accident Lawyers

You need a qualified Florence law firm to help you. If the insurance company for the person you believe was at fault tries to blame you for the accident, under South Carolina law, you may have a comparative fault case. This can lessen the compensation you can receive.

Under South Carolina’s law, your compensation would be reduced by an amount “equal” to your “percentage of fault.” Worse, if you are found to be more than 50 percent at fault, you will receive nothing.

As you can see, this could severely hamper your ability to receive the medical care you might need.

Contact Your Personal Injury Lawyers in Florence

Without legal help, you are in danger of losing your compensation if you have an unscrupulous person with a lawyer trying to falsely pin the blame on you for a car accident. Let Barth, Ballenger & Lewis, L.L.P. help you navigate the difficult legal process after a South Carolina automobile accident. Contact us for a consultation today.